Getting your House Ready to SellSelling

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Getting a house ready to sell can be daunting. For many people, it’s the scariest thing about putting their house on the market. Where does one even start?

Start by focusing on what is important: the money you will make from selling your property. It’s simple: The more effort you put into getting your house ready to sell, the bigger the return will be. So follow the big blinking dollar sign.

For almost everyone, that means starting with tossing or storing items that don’t add in any way to the sale. We all have such items. They are dated, unattractive, non-working, distracting, or simply clutter up a room. Things like your bowling trophy collection or the recliner you should have tossed years ago. Take a hard look around your place and you’ll see what we are talking about.

You have three options: Toss. Store in the house. Store outside the house. If you store inside the house, make sure everything is boxed up and neatly stacked in basement or garage.

What is OK to have around? Anything that is neutral and attractive. Whatever is there shouldn’t distract purchasers from seeing your house. A few photos are fine. Walls of photos or refrigerators covered with photos is not.

What about closets? The operative word is underutilized. Closets should look like they are so large that you simply don’t have enough to fill them up. And that rule goes for even the tiniest of closets. Also, NO items on closet floors. NO items on closet door hooks. NO nasty-looking items. Pretend you are a closet stager for Nordstrom. You get the idea, right?

Here are some more rules:

1. No crazy colors anywhere
2. Repair anything not working properly
3. Make sure dark areas are lit
4. Hire a landscaper
5. Secure area rugs from slippage
6. Keep beds made and trash cans empty. Hiding trash cans is even better
7. Get everything off the refrigerator (door and top), window sills, and anything hanging in a window
8. Get rid of pet odors!
9. Secure railings inside and out
10. Limit items in kitchen to one item per counter.

We know this seems like a lot, but remember to keep focusing on the dollars. It will be worth it when you see an offer that shows you that all your efforts paid off.

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