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Do You Really Need A Realtor?

Selling real estate nowadays is very different than it used to be. The reason is mostly technology, as well the advent of buyer brokerage. In the Olden Days (meaning 40 years ago), a lot of people sold their properties themselves.  They did this by placing classified ads in the newspaper. If you aren’t familiar with the word “newspaper,” don’t bother to look it up. Just keep reading.

Selling your house yourself is now on par with self-dentistry. Technology has become too complex for most people to access. Realtors have access to state-of-the-art marketing systems, virtual staging, drones, and a host of other ways to present and market homes. In addition, mostly all purchasers are represented by their own Buyer Brokers, so for the handful of homeowners who want to sell themselves, they will probably still end up by paying a commission. And, even after you agree to pay the commission, you still aren’t represented in the transaction.

So, is it all all possible to sell one’s property oneself?  Yes, certain situations exist in which selling one’s own home can be the way to go. If you sell to a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a builder, you can choose to bypass the entire marketing process. It’s a simple way to sell. The downside is that, without opening your property up to the marketplace, you really won’t ever know what the property could have brought. But for some people, the simplicity of the process outweighs the possibility of more money.

So, let’s say you are selling your property and have decided to use the services of a Realtor. How can you go about the process in a way that results in choosing the very best one for you? Like anything else in life, one size most definitely doesn’t fit all. Our next post will tell you exactly how to go about the process of choosing the best Realtor for you.

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