The General Contractor

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In at least one sense, contractors are exactly like Realtors. They are both afraid to go to social gatherings. Everyone wants to corner them and share hideous stories about what happened to them when they used so and so Realtor or so and so contractor.  The answer, of course, is that most Realtors, as well […]

Real Estate

Do You Really Need A Realtor?

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Selling real estate nowadays is very different than it used to be. The reason is mostly technology, as well the advent of buyer brokerage. In the Olden Days (meaning 40 years ago), a lot of people sold their properties themselves.  They did this by placing classified ads in the newspaper. If you aren’t familiar with […]



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You’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve cleaned until the house sparkles and you are exhausted. You’ve  made the bed, tossed the trash and hidden the kitty litter.  You’ve even painted and fixed everything that isn’t working that you never got around to in all the years you lived in the house. You’ve replaced lightbulbs […]

Choosing a Realtor

How to Choose A Realtor

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Most people use the services of a Realtor when buying or selling real estate. While going it alone can certainly be successful, it can also be compared to self-dentistry or doing your own divorce. The internet has changed the way we buy and sell houses, just as it has changed the way we do virtually […]

Getting your House Ready to Sell

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

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Getting a house ready to sell can be daunting. For many people, it’s the scariest thing about putting their house on the market. Where does one even start? Start by focusing on what is important: the money you will make from selling your property. It’s simple: The more effort you put into getting your house […]